News (2019/2018)


Two post-doc positions available in the TEAM-NET project at AGH University in Krakow!

+ Post-doc 1
+ Post-doc 2


A new member has joined the group!

Monika received her PhD in chemistry in 2016 (Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics, AGH University of Science and Technology). Her work involved research on polysiloxane networks as supports in catalysis.

Two weeks ago she received funding from Polish National Science Centre (Miniatura 3 project). She will study the interaction of organo-smectites with polysiloxane networks and properties of the obtained composite materials.

Looking forward to see first results.


The members of our group spent a busy September attending two conferences.

European Conference on Mineralogy and Spectroscopy was held in Prague, Czech Republic (11-13.09.2019). The meeting brought together theoretically and experimentally oriented scientists. It was preceded by Jana2006 Workshop on refinement crystal structures.

Karolina and Paulina presented the following topics:

Karolina -> The effect of M(II)/M(III) molar ratio on the LDH structure derived from chemicals and minerals: a spectroscopic study using FTIR, Raman and XPS

Paulina -> Halloysite-supported iron oxide particles for As(V) removal: adsorption mechanism investigation by the XPS and Mössbauer spectroscopy

Abstracts can be found here.

Our group also participated in a 4th Polish Conference on Mineral Adsorbents organized by Tomasz. The conference helps to establish a collaboration between scientists and industrial partners.

The following presentations were given:

Karolina -> Characterization of hydrotalcite/pyroaurite-like anion adsorbents derived from magnesite and dolomite.

Paulina M. -> Enhanced sulphate removal by precipitation and adsorption using Ca(OH)2 and synthetic layered double hydroxide: acid mine drainage case study.

Magdalena W. -> Produkty odpadowe jako alternatywne sorbenty metali ciężkich – przegląd.

Monika -> Redukcja barwników organicznych przy użyciu nanocząstek srebra osadzonych na sieciach polisiloksanowych.

Paulina N. -> Materiały funkcjonalizowane na bazie popiołów lotnych aktywowanych ściekami z energetyki zawodowej.


Tomasz has joined the editorial board of a new journal: Experimental Results (Cambridge University Press). He will help to evaluate manuscripts in the field of Earth & Environmental Sciences.

We are looking forward for the first manuscripts!


Another EuroClay conference is over with tons of interesting talks and posters covering the topics devoted to clay science and technology. The meeting took place at the Pierre & Marie Skłodowska-Curie University (UPMC) in Paris (France) and gathered over 600 scientists.

Most importantly our group members have received awards from the Clay Minerals Organizations!

Paulina Maziarz –> 1st prize for the best poster presentation awarded by AIPEA
(photos from the ceremony will be included in Elements Journal)
Magda Tuchowska –> Travel grant award from the Clay Minerals Society

All the abstracts can be found on the conference website.

Looking forward to next meetings.


Jakub will serve as Guest Editor of the Special Issue in Materials Journal „Layered Double Hydroxides (LDH) and LDH-based hybrid composites”. The deadline for submission is: 31 December 2019. Click the image to get more information on the covered topics.


The Foundation for Polish Science announced the results of the first TEAM-NET competition.

A network of research units from Lublin University of Technology, AGH University and University of Warsaw received funding for interdisciplinary scientific research. The whole project will be devoted to the use of fly ashes as the precursors of functionalized materials for applications in environmental engineering, civil engineering and agriculture.

Tomasz will lead the team that will be formed at AGH University!

The full list of projects selected for funding is here.


Jakub officially received a Fulbright Senior Award for research and teaching at the A&M Texas University (College Station, TX, USA)!

List of Polish Awardees can be found by clicking on the image.


Tomasz will serve as Guest Editor of the special issue to be published in Materials Journal: „Functional Mineral Materials: Sorption, Catalytic and Photofunctional Properties”. The deadline for submission is: 31 October 2019. Click the image to get more information.


A good scientific start to the new year!

Second part of research on mineral-based magnetic composites (PhD thesis of Paulina Maziarz) has been just published in Chemical Engineering Journal. Click the image below to explore contents.


Time flies!

A month has passed since Harshita from Chemical Process Engineering Research Unit (University of Oulu, Finland) joined us to carry out research on modified bio-sorbents for sulphates removal. This work is a part of Harshita’s PhD thesis done under supervision of Dr Tiina Leiviskä.

The experiments will be continued in Finland!

(SEM image -> sawdust particles)


In the last two months we took part in 3 conferences:

  • XXV Session of the Petrology Group of the Mineralogical Society of Poland (Brunów, Poland)
  • International Conference on the use of fly ash generated by energetics (Krynica-Zdrój, Poland)
  • 9th Mid-European Clay Conference (Zagreb, Croatia)

Congratulations for Magda Tuchowska for receiving 1st prize
for the best poster presentation!
(Title: Batch and column sorption of As(V) onto bog iron ores)


Research on halloysite-based magnetic composites has been recently published in Separation and Purification Technology Journal. Click the image to check out the contents in ScienceDirect!


Karolina, Paulina and Anna participated in the 3rd International Conference on Applied Mineralogy & Advanced Materials at the Polytechnic University of Bari (Italy).

They gave the following presentations:

Anna -> Photoresponsive behavior of α-zirconium phosphate functionalized with azobenzenes (Lecture)

Paulina -> The structural stability of Mg-Al LDH impregnated with iron oxide particles used for As(V) removal (Lecture)

Karolina -> Synthesis of Mg-Fe layered double hydroxides from minerals and their sorption affinity towards Cr(VI) (Poster)


MBA group members participated in 55th Annual Meeting of the Clay Minerals Society which was held at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (IL, USA).

The following presentations were given:

Anna -> Monitoring the azobenzene isomerization in layered intercalation compounds using the infrared spectroscopy (Lecture)

Karolina -> The quality of Mg-Fe layered double hydroxide derived from magnesite and hematite (Poster)

Paulina -> Maghemite particles supported on halloysite as magnetically responsive composites for efficient As(V) removal (Lecture)

Tomasz -> Oxyanions sorption by organo-smectite (Lecture)

Jakub -> Halloysite-based hybrid composites with synthetic LDH and their affinity to remove anions (Lecture)

Karolina received 1st prize for the best poster presentation!


Magda Wołowiec and Jakub Matusik received funding for their new projects from National Science Centre (Poland):

Magda (PRELUDIUM 14)
Phase, physicochemical characterization and sorption properties of Ferruginous sludges generated from water treatment process.

Jakub (OPUS 14)
Hydrotalcite-like mineral composites obtained by transformation of selected minerals as hybrid sorbents for the removal of anions from multi-element aqueous solutions.

More information and ranking lists can be found here.


Basia Muir received START scholarship from the Foundation for Polish Science. Congratulations! Here is the list of winners.


Anna Koteja and Karolina Rybka received travel grants awarded by the Clay Minerals Society. The financial support enables to attend the annual meeting of The Clay Minerals Society and to present results of the ongoing research:

  • Anna -> Monitoring the azobenzene isomerization in layered intercalation compounds using the infrared spectroscopy.
  • Karolina -> The quality of Mg – Fe Layered Double Hydroxide derived from magnesite and hematite.