Opus 14

Title: Hydrotalcite-like mineral composites obtained by transformation of selected minerals as hybrid sorbents for the removal of anions from multi-element aqueous solutions
Duration: 2018-2021
Principal Investigator: Jakub Matusik
Key Investigator: Karolina Rybka
Funding agency: National Science Centre (Poland)
Project ID: Opus 14

Nanomaterials derived from layered crystal phases are an important group of structures used in industry and environmental protection. Pollution of the environment is a common problem which is often connected with the presence of inorganic anions of anthropogenic origin. These elements, even in small amounts, can pose a significant threat to the environment and subsequently to human health. Adsorptive removal of pollutants of anionic type requires the use of materials which show anion-exchange properties and these are characteristic for hydrotalcite-like phases (HTLc). The HTLc are rarely found in nature, however their synthesis is easy to carry out in the laboratory. The disadvantage of this approach is the relatively high cost of used chemical reagents. Therefore, in the project experimental procedures were proposed which will enable to obtain HTLc phases and composites by transformation of widely available minerals. The proposed main objectives of the project are: (i) synthesis of HTLc phases and composites of Mg/Al and Mg/Fe type by transformation of carbonates as magnesium source (dolomite or magnesite) and kaolinite or hematite as aluminum and iron sources, respectively, (ii) characterization of the chemical composition, structure, texture and surface chemistry of the obtained sorbents using analytical methods, (iii) evaluation of sorption properties of the obtained materials in artificial single- and multi-anion aqueous solutions containing:
As(V), Cr(VI), P(V), Mo(VI), V(V) and Se(VI) and (iv) identification of mechanisms responsible for anions removal in the investigated systems using selected analytical methods.