Current research objectives:

  • Chemical and mineralogical characterization of layered (clay minerals, LDH) and framework minerals (zeolites).
  • Modification of minerals in order to obtain functional mineral materials e.g. adsorbents, catalysts and photofunctional composites.
  • Determination of adsorption properties of mineral-based materials derived mainly from layered minerals and zeolites.
  • The influence of intercalation and grafting processes on the structure, textural parameters and morphology of minerals.

Former research objectives:

  • Synthesis, structural and mechanical properties of clay-polymer nanocomposites.
  • Pillared clays – synthesis, characterization and catalytic applications.
  • Efficiency and mechanisms of heavy metals immobilization using phosphates (in situ phosphate induced metal stabilization) as an alternative technique for soil remediation.
  • Chemistry, mineralogy and thermodynamic stability of heavy metal phosphates.

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