Preludium 11

Title: Layered minerals doped with iron nanoparticles showing reductive and magnetic
properties for the removal and separation of selected inorganic ions
Duration: 2017-2019
Principal Investigator: Paulina Maziarz
Supervisor: Jakub Matusik
Funding agency: National Science Centre (Poland)
Project ID: Preludium 11

Research project objectives:

  • Modification of selected layered minerals which will involve coating their surface with synthetic iron nanoparticles: iron oxides and zero-valent iron.
  • Characterization of the resulting nanohybrid composites.
  • Investigation of the obtained composite materials adsorption properties towards selected inorganic ions with identification of possible mechanisms responsible for ions removal.
  • Investigation on magnetic separation of the obtained nanocomposites from the working medium after adsorption process.
  • Investigation of the materials structural stability and their regeneration after adsorption process.